This is my very first post and I thought long and hard about what to write. Then, I thought why not write about my hometown, Chennai, in India.
I haven’t lived there for long, I only went there once a year for vacations, but the colour, liveliness and charm of the city fascinated and mesmerised me and so, I present to you, this blog post!

Chennai, formerly Madras, is one of the metropolitan cities of India. It is a city on the southern part of India and is located on the Eastern Coromandel Coast. It is home to the second longest beach in the world, but the people here are pretty conservative, so NO bikinis.
It is crowded but not as much as the other metros like Mumbai in India.
Most of the people here own their own vehicle (which contributes to the horrible traffic jams each day) but the main mode of public transportation is the city buses and the auto rickshaws. The autorickshaw drivers here are notorious for charging exorbitantly high rates. But if you know the local language and know to bargain, the rate gets reduced by more than fifty percent.
The next thing is the cuisine. Like most of the Indian states, the cuisine here is spicy but really tasty too.
This place is famous for its idli, vada and sambar. As well as masala dosai, a sort of stuffed pancake. And lot more. The cuisine here itself is a whole blog post- worthy.
The local language is Tamil but now-a-days most of my generation (i.e. teens and those in their 20s) speak fluent English thanks to the spreading of English schools and education. So, if you know English, you can easily navigate around here.
Most of the people here are very friendly. Majority of the people in the Chennai city are highly educated, as the South Indians are famed for their brains. The city also has a high tolerance to immigration. So, you can find people from all corners of India

The people here are very fond of their cuisine, cinema (they almost worship film stars), and cricket (ever since the Chennai team won the Indian Premier League Cup for three consecutive years).

The city has a deep history.
It was once a small fishing town which evolved into the capital of Madras Presidency during the British rule and finally to what it is today.
The Central Railway Station, The Marina Beach, Parry’s Corner, the Anna Nagar Tower and Fort St. George are well-known old landmarks. But, now as pop and modern culture spread, it was the beginning of the rise of the new city. Now, it is sprinkled with high rise apartment blocks, huge shopping malls selling stuff from Paris and London, nightclubs, etc.
Yet, the old city’s charm was really something to behold.

I don’t think that this small blog post has done justice to the charming Chennai city. So, you can expect detailed posts of various aspects of this city in upcoming posts. (not necessarily in a row)
In the next post, I shall post some photographs of the Chennai taken by yours’ truly.