I just couldn’t believe how quickly the summer vacation ended. Now, for many of us, it is back to school or college.
So, this is a kind of guide on how to go through the school year without major mishaps.
First of all, be yourself. Those who don’t accept you for who you are, are not worthy of you.
Next, accept that change is natural. Those who were your best friends last year might ignore you this year.
Then, nothing lasts forever, whether friendships or relationships. But, enjoy it while it lasts.
Fourth, this is high school, so dramas do happen. Nothing can be done except trying to keep your cool and not hurt the others much.
Then, on the academic side, try to do your best. Don’t think that it isn’t cool to study or something like that. Do not while your time away with out studying for fear of being called a geek or a nerd. In the end, the geeks and nerds turn out to be the most successful people, while the popular ones mostly end up working for the ones they made fun of at school.
But, this doesn’t mean that you should always keep studying and not devote time for other activities. After all, you only live once.
Even though all is said and done, sometimes difficult things do happen, it is a part of life. But, take it as it comes and learn to cope up. All will be right sometime or the other.
Sometimes the principle of “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, might turn out to be true. Last year in my tenth year of school, i.e. the sophomore year, I went through a bad experience in school which changed my whole perception of life. I almost broke down, but instead decided to stay strong and deal with it like a fighter. I am proud to say that I successfully overcame it and now I am a different person. It made me stronger, even if the experience was bad and at that time, I almost gave up.
And for those going through a bad time, there is always a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel. So, stay strong. There will always be something or someone better waiting for you.

And finally, do have fun!