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Recently, an anonymous person released a video depicting muslims and their faith negatively.
Sure, it was wrong on the part of the person who made it. Protesting against such a video is alright, but why should American ambassadors be killed?
I mean, they played no part in creating the video. The only thing was that video was uploaded from the United States of America. It wasn’t even created by an American national, it was allegedly created by an Egyptian Christian and a few of his friends.
Well, it most definitely was wrong to attack American embassies and kill their ambassadors just because someone living in America published a negative video.
But, similarly it is wrong to publish such a video too. There is nothing to do with free speech or liberty here. President Obama was right to apologise ecen though he had nothing to do with it but Mitt Romney argues for free speech!
I wonder what the motive might be. Perhaps, it is publicity and wanting the hitherto unknown people to be known by the entire world.
Take Sir Salman Rushdie for example, he had published many books (really good ones that too) before, but he become well known only when he published “The Satanic Verses” and a fatwa to kill him was issued by Ayotollah Khomeini.
Same is the case with Dan Brown.
But whether by hook or crook, these both people are well known.
Likewise, the makers of this video might have wanted the same.
Yet again, I would like to know why they had to do this. What they did was utterly wrong. They only incited a war between religions.
And religious conflicts, since time immemorial, have only led the world to doom.
All religions advocate peace, harmony, equality, kindness, and to treat others like you treat yourself. So, why do we fight on the basis of religion?
Even in India, where apparently there is unity in diversity. Well, people do live in unity till there is some conflict between religions. Then, they beat each other up, sometimes even kill each other, even though they had been friends before.
Also, when a Hindu procession pass by a mosque or church, the Muslims or Christians throw stones or shoes at them. So, the next time when there is a Muslim or Christian procession, the Hindus retaliate by doing the same.
But why do they have to do this? If one of the groups stop throwing stones, and hope for peace, the other groups will finally stop too. But, it seems like neither of them crave for peace.
The 20th of September this year marked the 84th death anniversary of Sri Narayana Guru, a great Indian social reformer. One of his ideals was, “One caste, one religion, one god for human beings”.
I wonder whether this will ever come true and whether various religions will ever agree to a truce.
I hope it will at least someday. Is it wrong to hope for peace and harmony?