In the place I live, now, it is the time when summer changes to winter. (There is no spring or autumn here in this desert!)
And also the time when most people fall prey to common sicknesses like flu, common cold, fever, etc, while the remaining few unlucky lot catch something more serious.
So, with a lot of people around me sneezing and coughing, I too caught a bout of fever. But, it quickly moved on without developing into a flu.
But, let me tell you, I think I would have preferred a flu than this!
I had two cavities filled when I was around six or seven years back but the dentist who had done it was as impatient and ill-tempered as a bird which lost its worm. And because of him, I still have a phobia of dentists and used to keep missing dentist appointments frequently.
Well, at least I had the phobia till I met another dentist, a friend of my neighbours. She was as different from my previous dentist as night from day. She was kind, sweet-tempered and funny and most of all, she did it as a service to mankind rather than just for money.
But, unfortunately, her husband got transferred to another country a year back and so, she had to leave too.
And now, the entire right side of my mouth hurts and it seems like my right cheek is slightly swollen. Even after two days and eating a painkiller, the pain did not subside.
So, I went to a dentist. But, little did I know that he was a carbon-copy of my earlier dentist. I explained my problem to him and after poking and prodding a few teeth, he told me that there was nothing wrong with any of my teeth and repeatedly kept asking me where it was hurting and I kept telling him that the entire side was hurting and he told me that there was nothing wrong with the teeth. And told me to eat a panadol (painkiller) if it hurt so much. When I told him that I already ate it, he told me that he didn’t know what was wrong. All I could think was, ‘what a waste of time’.
Now, another day has gone by, and still my teeth hurt.
And with a reputed dentist, the appointment list stretches for more than a month.
So, again, here I am drinking hot water and eating painkillers and applying Vicks on the side of my face and holding hot water packs and hoping the pain goes off. 😦
And my case of dentist-o-phobia is back, unfortunately.
May I ask, are friendly and competent dentists living only in utopia??