Yesterday was declared as International girl child day by UN general assembly to highlight the various forms of inequality, injustice and discrimination faced by girl children.

It is important to control the amount of inequalities faced by girls because today’s discriminated girls will grow to be tomorrow’s abused women.

Girl children face discrimination even before they are born in many parts of the world, the main reason female foeticide is on the rise. And if she commits the mistake of being born, her life is filled with endless prejudices and social stigmas.

When she is just a tiny infant, before she even comes to know the people around her, she is discriminated against by giving her less nutritious food than her male counterpart. And this continues into childhood, the girls are expected to play with dolls and cooking-games so that she could prepare for the future, a bleak one where she is stuck inside the kitchen and rarely allowed out for her entire lifetime.

Then, when she is around five years of age, many times, she isn’t even sent to school and even at times when she is, she is forced to dropout of school as soon as she hits puberty.

Yes, she might be physically and biologically different from her male counterpart, but that doesn’t mean she can’t study, does it?

And if a boy can study, what’s wrong with a girl studying? Well, there still are many people who think it is wrong, as we can see from the recent attacks against girls’ schools and also the attack against Malala Yousufzai, a 14- year old Pakistani activist for girls’ education. I would like to wish her all the best and pray for her health.

And those who do overcome these odds and study till grade 12, are not given the freedom to choose their career path. Often, girls are expected to be only teachers or doctors, and engineering, law and politics are meant to be only men’s domains.

In many cases, parents force their daughters to drop out of school and marry them off when they are barely 14 or 15, and even when they get abused by their husbands or in-laws, don’t file for a divorce, because they have no place to go, and because they are not educated are unable to even get a job to support themselves. And teen and single mothers are also discriminated against in the society and are unable to support themselves, often leading to their suicides or enter into prostitution rings. Is this what you want your daughters to end up as?

Why should this discrimination exist?

Many of you might wonder whether this is a piece of fiction, but unfortunately it isn’t. In many parts of the world, this still exists.

All we ask for is to give girls a chance. Show them some love and support.
Give them education for a bright future for them. Treat your daughter just as you would a son.