Happy Diwali to everyone.

So, yes, today is Diwali or Deepavali, the Indian Festival of Lights.

There are many legends and tales on how Diwali came about

But, however it came to be, now it is considered the Festival of Lights and Sweets.

However in South India, since we already have yet another festival of lights, known as Kartika Deepam, we celebrate Diwali with everything other than the lights, which pretty much misses the entire point of the festival.

So, in south India, we just wear new clothes, pray both for prosperity and for the souls of our dead ancestors, blast firecrackers (so much that the entire city will be cloaked with smoke) and EAT!!

And that too eating all the dishes with high fat and sugar content.

It is pretty much the same with expat Indian communities around the world, only minus the firecrackers.

Depending on the various communities, the festival lasts for one to five days.

For me, Diwali begins with waking up really early (which is really difficult for a non-morning person like me) and then having a long bath.

Then, later on in the evening, after my father is back from work, we dress ourselves up in new dresses and visit other fellow Indian expats.

I do enjoy it, especially since there is food, but unfortunately this year, I have an exam tomorrow, so I have to limit the amount of celebration and also the length of this post. 😉

P.S. Will try to post some Diwali pics later on. 🙂