So, now almost everyone is announcing that they are still alive, so the end of the world conspiracy was fake.

But, don’t you think that it can even be taken from a different perspective?

I mean, the end of the world does not necessarily mean the end of the physical world, it can also mean the end of humanitarian feelings in humans. It seems that those feelings are rare these days.

In this one week, at first, there was the Newtown shooting. I mean, just how can anyone look at the innocent faces of toddlers and point a gun at them and kill them?

Well, that’s exactly what happened, right?

Then, on Sunday, in Delhi, the capital of India and the so-called ‘safe’ city, a girl and her boyfriend was coming back after a late-night movie show in a bus.

In this public bus, there were around five men, who gang-raped her for almost an hour and then threw her out of the bus, semi-naked and left to die. She is now fighting for her life, with serious damage not only to her sexual organs, but to her intestines as well. But, even if she survives, she’ll be considered a third-class citizen in a country, where even the police blame the women for, apparently, ‘getting herself raped’.

The men were arrested, but only yesterday, almost four days after the crime. This is in a country where a girl was arrested for liking a Facebook comment, within a day.

But, for the animals who raped a young girl, justice seems far.

The power of the people is something everyone seems to have underestimated, but for no longer. Hordes of women began protesting in front of the president’s and the Chief Minister’s house, demanding capital punishment for the perpetrators. The people have jumped into action.

Yet, it leaves us to wonder, will our cities, or rather, the world, ever be safe for women.

And also whether humans are losing their humanity or not.