It wasn’t the typical girl-meets-boy, boy-meets-girl and they fall in love.
No, it had a slightly different twist, for they met face-to-face only after falling in love.
How, you might ask?
It began when Shuhaib liked Shruti’s photo on Facebook. He then sent her a friend request. She responded with a “Do I know you?” message. He replied by introducing himself. She responded likewise.
They ended up chatting on Facebook for a while after which they exchanged phone numbers and ended up calling each other and finally they agreed to meet.
They only managed to get a glimpse of each other, yet, they had the same thought, “You are beautiful.”
Now, dear reader, you might be wondering, what is so special about this, right?
But, the problem was that the two of them were poles and miles apart. Shruti was from a Tamil Brahmin family whereas Shuhaib was from an orthodox Urdu Muslim family from Kashmir, and the two of them were juniors at a high school in Saudi Arabia, a very conservative country which frowned upon pre-marital relationships.
Besides, Shruti was a brilliant student who always scored in 90s and never got into trouble, whereas Shuhaib was the happy-go-lucky, athletic guy who was happy to ‘just pass.
This story revolves on their relationship and the problems they face, both among parents and in the society.
To know whether their love might find acceptance and whether their relationship still continued steadily, even after they finished school, do wait for the entire story.

What makes this story ‘real’:
As I am an Indian expat living and studying in Saudi Arabia, this is something I have seen and heard a lot among my friends.
This story explores forbidden love in a land full of strict traditions.
It also is a celebration of youth, of the fantasies and the realities and problems, one faces during adolescence.
This story is an exploration of the joys and sadness in the wonderful process of growing up, as told by a teen age girl.

Extract from the story:
Shuhaib had messaged me again. I was trying to ignore him and his texts and phone calls since he asked me to be his girlfriend. I can’t believe it. Only the ‘plastics’ and those whom I considered as bad, in my class had boyfriends. Then how could I? What would become of my reputation of being the topper and the responsible one of the class?
Besides, what would my parents do? Amma would start sobbing and tell something about how I went bad or something along those lines and Appa would be disappointed and seriously angry. And I don’t think I could deal with it.
Yet, one part of my brain told me that Shuhaib was funny, handsome, witty, and — No! Stop! I told that offending part of my brain. I mustn’t think like that. I must concentrate on my studies and try to get into IIT-M as per Appa’s wish.
I planned to de-activate my Facebook account as soon as possible.

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