So, I’m back after a long break. I had my finals and now they are finally over and I have a bit of time in my hands. For now. 

Senior year of high school is starting in less than two days for me and I’m both excited and scared. 

This is going to be the last year of school and also the last year of life for me in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

And I have no idea what to expect in senior year. My group of friends as well as my best friend are in different classes and it is going to be a whole new experience for me.

But, in many ways, I have to say I’m excited about it, despite the whole pressure of getting good grades and everything. Especially since my grades in junior year, though okay, were not really my best.

I just hope everything goes well. 


P.S. I know this is a rather short post, and rather a vague one, not really me. But, don’t worry, there’s more coming up later.