So, I’m back again. I never thought senior year would be so hectic and so much fun as well.
Quite a lot of things happened in my life in my brief break from blogging, but the one which stood out the most was my disaster at writing.

My short story was one among the 250 to get shortlisted for publication into a book. But, it also meant that I had to type out the entire story of 4000 words and email it to the publishers, on or before March 31st.

But, me, being a lazy procrastinator, decided to put it off, even though I could have done it during my two-week long Spring Break which ended on March 15th.
And, I totally forgot about the deadline for my story. Well, I did not forget it, exactly, more like I thought I could do it later.

But, before I knew it, BAMF! And it was March 28th already and I got a reminder to submit my story.
That’s when I realised that I hadn’t even written the story out properly, neither on the computer nor on a paper. All I had was a vague, rough draft on a single sheet of paper. And that too, just the starting.

Yet, all optimistic, I thought I’ll directly type it and send it somehow, before 31st. And that’s when my laptop started acting strange. And my home computer’s keyboard was already destroyed, so I couldn’t type on it either. That’s when I did what I knew to do best. I panicked. This was the first chance I had at major writing and I messed it up.
But, a random comment from my best friend was inspiration for me.

I turned to my trustworthy friend, my iPhone 4S. And I typed out the entire 4000 word story on its Note application. Well, I did get writer’s block halfway through my story, but somehow I managed a convincing story before the deadline. Though I threw my entire schedule at school and home, into chaos. The story wasn’t as good as it could have been, but it was a start.

I just hope it is convincing enough for the publishers and they decide to publish it.

Yet, even after that experience, I’m unable to cure my habit of procrastinating.

My school is conducting a story/poem writing contest for world book day, which falls on April 23rd. But, the deadline to submit it was the day before yesterday. And though I really wanted to submit something for it, I put it off for the last minute again, and ended up typing the story, way into the wee hours of the morning the deadline was due. But, I was able to finish it, because this time, the word limit was rather manageable and my laptop was fine.

Yet, I got just an hour of sleep before school, which eventually turned me into a sleep-deprived and short-tempered half-zombie throughout that day at school. But, luckily it was Wednesday, the last day before the weekend. So, I went to sleep just as soon as I arrived home. And slept till late evening.

Yet, I haven’t learnt my lesson. Here I am happily writing out this post, even though I have a math test tomorrow and I am participating in a writing contest for RCS. And I have done neither.