And I’m back.
After a long vacation in India, which was both fun and boring. (Don’t ask how.)
Actually, I was back about a week ago, but the place was pretty much a mess and I had to do a spring clean, except that it is summer here. Really hot summer, actually, with the temperatures soaring to around 45 C.
Well, what else did I expect in the middle of a desert. Well, it’s not really a desert. No, better yet, it is a metro city which happens to have a desert-ish climate, because it is surrounded by deserts.
I’m rambling. So, I’d better come to the point of this post.
Now that I think of it, there wasn’t a point exactly.
This was just meant to be an update.
To let any of you, who still read this, know that I am alive. 🙂
Oh well! I’d better be back with a proper post soon.