Around five days ago, just after a week since I returned from my vacation in India, I was treated to a rare sight.
Rare, because I live in a compound with a few houses, and one which is on the outskirts of the city. Living on the outskirts pretty much meant that the weather was much harsher. The summers were warmer, the winters colder and the wind stronger.
Sorry, I went off on a tangent.
What I coming to say (or write, or rather type) before, was the rare sight I was met with.
That was nothing other than a black-and-white female cat, who along with her two new-born kittens, had made my compound (the garden, actually) their home.
The kittens were so adorable!
Slowly, one of the kittens, a jet-black one, with dark blue eyes, climbed up the stairs and curled up in the flowerpot in front of my front-door.

It started meowing rather pathetically, so, my mother, feeling sorry for it, brought it some milk in a plastic plate.
It drank the milk sorta greedily, like it hadn’t had anything to eat for a while.
I coaxed my mum to give it some milk and she agreed. But, I wasn’t allowed to get it inside the house because my dad is allergic to cats.
For almost five days, we fed it some milk and petted it.
It held a special place among us within the few days.

Yesterday, we didn’t see it anywhere around. We didn’t worry because we assumed that it will be back sometime or other.
But, today, me and my mum had gone for a walk around the compound and we found that adorable little black kitten dead near the jogging trail.

Farewell, little kitten. 😦

20130823-070102 PM.jpg

Sorry for the poor picture quality. This was the only photo I had of the kitten