So, a week after my school closed for the summer vacations, the government decided to shift the weekend from Thursday-Friday to Friday-Saturday like the rest of the GCC countries.
According to the schedule, my school was supposed to reopen on 31st August, which is a Saturday.
But, because the weekend was shifted, we all assumed that the school would reopen only on 1st September and promptly forgot about it.
Then, like a thunderbolt out of the blue (no idea where that came from!) someone realised that the school hadn’t given any confirmation notice which said that it would reopen only on Sunday.
Some student-owned Facebook pages started spreading news that the school will be reopening on Saturday and that we would have to work for 6 days on the very first week!
Note the day the rumours started appearing : FRIDAY noon!!
Well, naturally, everyone started panicking and posted frenzied statuses on Facebook.
But, no one had any official news. We tried phoning the school, but no one picked it up.

Then, some students started declaring that they weren’t going to go, no matter what. And the rest started persuading them to come.

My wonderful classmates decided to not go, even though we’ll probably get a lecture from our class teacher (home room teacher), who is rather famous for lecturing.
So, anyway, I’m sitting here at home and writing this blog post on the said Saturday morning when I’m supposed to be at school.
Well, I don’t know where there really is school today because I don’t go to school in a school bus. I get chauffeured around by my father’s driver. (Cool, isn’t it?)