The day before yesterday, we celebrated Teachers’ Day in my school.
In India, teachers’ day is usually on the 5th of September and my school being an Indian school used to celebrate it on the same day.
But, this time, it fell on a weekend.
So, we shifted it earlier. To the 4th.

And what a wonderful day it was!
We, the 11th and 12th graders had to dress up as teachers and manage the younger classes.
We didn’t need to TEACH them. Just be with them and have fun.
But, it was like stepping into the shoes of a teacher for a day.
My friends and I got assigned to 7th grade classes and had to take up the role of the English teacher.
But, that particular English teacher had just three classes on Wednesday.
The first class we went to was really fun. The children were interactive and friendly.
I liked them more because they told me that I’m the most awesome one among my friends. 😉
We sang, danced and talked with them.
Then, we had to go to another class. But, that class wasn’t as fun. They were rude and ill-mannered and didn’t want to do anything we said.
But, the third class was the worst! They were so deadly quiet and never spoke a word, even though we kept trying to make them speak. They listened to us, but never responded. Finally, we gave up and started talking among ourselves, ignoring them completely. We spent most of the time wondering when that hour would end.
After that, the teacher we were assigned to, had two free hours. That meant that all we had to do was to sit in the staff room and gossip!

This experience of substituting the teachers for a day taught me a few things.
Being a teacher is definitely not easy. They deserve our respect.
(Even though they do annoy and hate us sometimes.)