Reasons I love September:

#1 Holidays, holidays and holidays:
I’m not kidding, in the first week, I got a three-day weekend, and then the next week, a four-day weekend, and now another four-day weekend.

#2 Festivals and celebrations:
The first week, we got to celebrate Teacher’s day at school. And then, it was Onam, a South Indian festival. This week, it is the National Day of the country where I live.

#3 School after a loooong summer vacation:
Nope, before you all start getting ideas, I’m not a school-obsessed nerd. I’m a nerd alright. But, not exactly obsessed with school. Oh well, whatever.
It was just that my vacation was like the worst thing ever. Having to stay almost one-and-a-half-months with relatives who dislike you (Yes! The feeling is mutual.) is beyond annoying.
So, I was rather happy when school reopened, because that meant being back with my awesomesauce friends and reverting back to my old, cheerful self again. (Instead of that depressed, anti-social creature that I turn into, when I’m around my relatives in India.)

#4 Winning an international writing competition:
Yes! I did. Not the first prize or anything, but I got featured on the Silver list. I’m rather proud of that, especially since it was one of the oldest writing competitions, held by The Royal Commonwealth Society, London in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, and it was my first attempt at sending some of my writing to a contest which expected such high standards.

#5 My mother’s birthday:
It was my mum’s 34th birthday (she’ll be happy that I made her 20 years younger! :P) on the 18th. That meant that I had a large chocolate cake, from one of the best bakeries in the city, all for myself. Well, excluding that little part which in had to give me friends and my mum herself. My dad is diabetic and hates chocolate, so I got to stuff my face with excess chocolate, which was just blissful heaven for a chocoholic like me.

So, that was why I ought to have loved September.
But, this was one of the worst months. Ever.
My relationship with my parents is on an all-time low. All we ever seem to do in the house is fight.
My dream of my future seems to be drifting further and further away.
My grades are not as good as I hoped.
I have lost all interest in anything related to my coursework and all I ever do, is read novels.
My best friend is depressed and I have no idea how to get her out of it and I seem to be sinking into depression myself.