I’m back! Yay! So, I was able to keep up my promise.
To all those amazing people who followed my blog and commented on the posts, even during my long absence, you are all totally AWESOME! I promise I’ll reply back to your comments really soon.
Anyway, I’m back for the month of December at least.
November wasn’t a really good month for me.
Most of the month was spent in the mid-yearly exams.
Then came the part where I got the grades (or rather marks) of those exams.
My chemistry paper was a total disaster and I am happy to say that I actually passed. Although barely. If I’d got 10 marks less, I would have failed. That’s something I really couldn’t wrap my head around.
I had been this over-achieving, straight-A, perfect student. I could even remember the time I fought with my English teacher to give me half a mark more, so I would get above 95 in all subjects. That was in Year 10.
But, this year, the year where I have to attempt the most important exam in the life of an Indian school girl, the class XII boards, everything seems to be the opposite. I barely passed chemistry, got in late 70s in physics and didn’t cross 90% in either math or English, two of my favourite subjects.
We-ell, my marks in Home Ed were quite good, but my overall percentage is quite less.
But the sciences were blergh. Luckily, if all goes well, I’ll only have to suffer the sciences for another four months maximum.

My class teacher seemed quite disappointed in me. She told me that I could have done better, if not for my laziness and carelessness.
Although my parents didn’t exactly say anything till now, they are disappointed in me. I know that they think I’m a sort of failure in many ways, the only thing I had a bit was academics and now even that seems to have forsaken me.

Tomorrow is the day where I will have to go to school with my parents and they will confer with the teachers and my answer sheets along with my progress report will be given to them.
I really hope I have the emotional strength to withstand the day.