No! No! Before you avert your eyes and skip to the next post, because you haven’t watched the first episode of Sherlock Season 3, I assure you that this post contains no spoilers.
Mostly because I haven’t watched it myself.

So, it didn’t air in the place I live and I don’t think it’s there online yet. So I haven’t watched it. Also because I was caught up with exams and stuff for senior year and I thought of reducing time I spend watching TV and reading novels.
But, now I am forced to avoid all social media, and my phone as well, for fear of Sherlock spoilers.
In fact, I logged out of Facebook and didn’t log in for a record THREE days (and counting!)
Because if there is one thing that I hate the most (apart from Dentists and Chemistry, obviously), it is a spoiler!

If I thought all my spoiler-o-phobia will reach a fever pitch, only if I log into social media, I was sorely mistaken.
I was reading the newspaper as usual, when I came across an article about Sherlock. I loved finding news about my fandoms in the local newspaper.
I continued reading, thinking nothing much would be given away, since it was the local paper and it hadn’t aired here till now.
But, I reached the part where it went,”The plot revolves…..”
Eeeeeeeaaaaaaaccccchhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! SPOILERS!
I flung the paper as far as it could go.
I mean, couldn’t they have at least marked the article with a ‘spoiler alert’ or something.
Well, I guess it was my fault too, because I shouldn’t have read it, knowing it was bound to contain sensitive information.
Yet again, my insatiable curiously played the spoiler.