My father’s house is a magnet. A magnet for certain types of individuals. Oh, I’m not talking about my father’s ancestral house in the village. That’s a magnet for another group of individuals, not very pleasant.
But, I’m talking about the house my father has built in our adopted hometown city, in India.
It is a magnet for thieves.
Thieves? You may ask.
Yes, that’s right. Burglars, robbers, thieves or whatever you might call them.

So, this is what happened last Friday. We had just come back home from a vacation to Dubai, when we received a phone call from a relative in India, saying my father’s house was broken into and the current tenant’s (also a relative) scooter, TV and other things were stolen.

Okay, so a robbery. It isn’t anything new. Right?
No. This wasn’t the first the house was robbed. It wasn’t the second time either.
It was the third time in the past two years.

And the funny part is that although the house looks spacious and big, it is practically empty, because all our stuff is with us and the only occupant is an old, unmarried relative of my dad’s.
Well, there was an old, antique camera of ours’, which was stolen by the first thief, and then a collection of old and expensive bottles of French wine, which the second thief emptied. (And promptly left the empty glass bottles for us.)

But, each time, those poor burglars break open three main doors (of which one is a large iron gate) and then the bedroom doors and hoping for something more worthwhile.

And each time, it is the same drama. The police come and investigate and end up with absolutely no clues.

Okay, it give it some kind of soft spot, the house is about 5 km from the main city and it isn’t so very crowded.
But, the question remains, will it ever be safe there?
And also now that we are about to go back to India in three days, I’m worried if I could ever live peacefully in that house. Probably not. That’s why I’ll probably end up staying at mother’s house in the middle of the bustling city.

Have you had any experiences with burglars? If so, do share your stories in the comments box below.