I was on a lookout for a job or internship where I could use my time fruitfully and take back something from it. If money was involved, it would be an added advantage because then, I wouldn’t need to be dependent on my parents’ money.
But, I didn’t mind volunteer work too, because at least then, I would have done a small part at the least to make the world a better place.
So, at around 12:30 pm today, I turned up for the local AIESEC recruitment interview.
For those who don’t know what AIESEC is, it is a student-run organisation, which supposedly has this big plans and volunteers and ya da. I was told that it was a really good thing and will give me a good exposure and so on.
I had to get an application form for ₹300 ($5) and submit it with a résumé. Then, they told me that they’ll call me for a group discussion ‘soon’.

After almost 3 hours, they called me in for a group discussion. I felt that the group discussion went really good. I was not aggressive (unlike a certain member in the group, who’s sole aim was to tear at other’s throats.) nor was I way too passive. I listened to others, put out my opinions and supported like-minded people.
Once the group discussion was over, they told us that all of us were selected and that they would call us all for a personal interview soon.
I waited there in the blazing Sun (no shade or chairs or even water bottles were provided!) till about 4:15pm and they still told me to wait and they’ll let me know my time slot for the personal interview ‘soon’.
Someone told me that I could go for the interview at 5:30. Another person told me at around 5. Then they told me that they’ve to give priority to SRM and VIT people ’cause they have a hostel curfew and they’ve to travel far because their colleges were far. So, they told me that I’ll be called by 6:30 or 7. So, I went home. Home was only about a kilometre away. So, I walked back home.
Then, I turned up again at 6:30.
Then those incompetent imbeciles out there told me that they’re sorry, but I was selected only as an associate member and that I wouldn’t need to give anymore interviews. An associate member is pretty much a member on probation. They’ll make you do small jobs for about 3 months. Something small, in the grassroots level. And then, if the higher ups in the organisation, who are also college students, think you are good enough, they might, huge emphasis on the might, upgrade you to a full member.
Or else, you’ll be stuck as an associate member throughout your AIESEC days.
I don’t mean to brag, but out of the entire group in the group discussion, I was the only one who spoke good English without an accent, or perhaps a slight British-Arabic accent, not the grating thick Indian accent. Also, no one apart from me, in the group won any international level writing contests or worked as an editor for their department journal right in their first year. Yet, everyone else was called for an interview and I wasn’t.
But then again, I was the only outsider in the group. The weird NRI (Non-resident Indian) kid, who just turned up in India and should evidently have no idea what India is all about.

But, what annoyed me the most is this. If those arrogant pricks out there thought that they are too good for me and and didn’t want me there, they should have told me at first itself and not make me wait for so long. That they didn’t. They made me feel worse than a worm squashed under their high and mighty boots. They made me wait at their footsteps like I was so jobless and didn’t have anything better to do. Even staying at home and reading a book is much better than having to walk nearly 1km to and fro, twice and wait in the hot Sun, where didn’t even have the courtesy to provide chairs.
This is beyond frustrating.
I don’t really understand why everything in India should be so frustrating and so complicated.
I miss the simplicity and the peacefulness of my expat days in Arabia.

Have you had any interesting and/or frustrating interview experiences? How did your first ever interview go? Do share your stories in the comments box below! I’d love to hear about it.