This is my finals week, but I was pretty bored. Summer is coming up soon, but unfortunately for me, this summer will not involve any vacation trips to places.
I might be an introverted bookworm, but I’m a travel enthusiast. But, my dad has never been one, so the number of places that I’ve travelled to in the past is pretty limited.
I would love to go on a World Tour or at least get a job which involves a lot of traveling and/or postings in different countries.
These are the top few places that I would love to visit.

In India:
1. Ooty and/or Nilgiris
Hill-station. Cool place. The perfect getaway from this hot and humid place that I’m in. Also, an extremely pretty place.

2. Pondicherry
It is a 5-hours long drive from the place I live. One of my summer goals is to learn driving and once I do that, this is one place that I’ll definitely go.
It’s an old French colony, and it has all the quaintness and old-timey feel to it. Auroville is a colony of dreamers, artists and spiritualists and is definitely a must-visit. (This is also the only place in this list that I’ve actually been to.)


3. Goa
Open-minded, fun-loving people, great music, long stretches of beaches and the drinks. Need I say more?

4. New Delhi and Agra
The capital city. Also, I’ve always wanted to see the Taj Mahal.

5. Jaipur
Those mysterious, hauntingly beautiful palaces, who can resist going there, even though the heat is overpowering.

6. Andaman and Nicobar Isles
Scenic beaches, private islands, pretty place.


7. The North-East
Picturesque mountains, unexplored land, great tea have a nice feel to it.

8. Jammu and Kashmir
Heaven on Earth. Need I say more?


Now, for the international ones:


Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the images used. They’ve all been sourced from Flickr and Google Images.
Obviously, that doesn’t include the last one. Yep. That’s my handwriting. 😛