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August 2015

Life gives you lemons. However lemonade is a whole new story.

I went on another unintentional week-long blog hiatus. Life is a totally jealous bitch. It is jealous of the time that you are content, and pushes problems down over to your path.

I was finally content with the place where I was in. All through my first year of college, I had way too many adjustment issues and adaptation issues, having landed in a totally new country for college even if the said country was your own one.
After the start of this second year, I was slowly starting to feel at peace. I still did miss my life back in the place I called home.
All right, it is not like I love it, but was getting to be happy with what went along.
However, certain people have disturbed the peace for me. I just hope I don’t relapse into my dark days of depression again. I thought I was over it.
I have never come across a situation where someone steals my team’s work after all the effort we put in and claims it as her own and takes credit for everything, and not even a mention of our names in the final project. Not even mentioning the fact that she tagged along when we were doing it. That she got the idea from one of my teammates. okay, she might have done some follow-up work, but he initial idea, approach and everything was ours.
That too from a new transfer student whom I thought was my friend. The new girl whom everyone but I ignored. Now, she is ignoring me. I didn’t except gratefulness, but I didn’t expect betrayal.
I don’t know what to do. I have stopped expecting people to be good. Now, it is like, everyone here is bad.
I had been so angry yesterday, I was nearly in tears. And I am supposed to be this person who never cries. (That technically is not true. I never cry in public. I only cry myself to sleep, or perhaps in private.)
I feel hurt. The people whom I thought were my friends have turned against me so badly. Not just the new student, two other people as well.
I was hurt and angry yesterday. But, the anger has been replaced by this icyness that I have no idea where it appeared. Some day will come. (I do watch House of Cards.)
P.S. I apologise for the spelling and/or grammatical errors in this post. There is bound to be many. I did not write this post with a rationally calm mind.

YouTube: Teens Tell Their Story Project

In my 8th grade, there was a sudden phenomenon that hit the school. Everyone was trying to be the cool kid by talking about the aforementioned thing. However, like all unknown things cause people to panic, the school decided to ban it. 

Yes. YouTube. 

I’m sure that YouTube existed before that, but it spread to my part of the world around the time when I was 12 or 13. 

Most parents, and consequently the school, panicked because they thought that their children could have access to all kinds of explicit content on the free video sharing site. That included my parents. My dad did something to the computer which made YouTube inaccessible. 

However, due to all the hullabaloo, we kids were curious. We wanted to know what was so bad about it that we weren’t allowed to see. 

So, one day, during a basic computer hour in 8th grade, a group of us decided to open YouTube on our screens when the teacher wasn’t watching. We clicked on some random videos. But, being the novices that we were, we didn’t realise that the videos would actually have a soundtrack. (Yep. We were lame.) Simultaneously, the Titanic theme song, the theme to some random cartoon and some Arabic song blared out of our computers. Frantically, we tried pressing every button, but to no avail. 

The teacher found out and sent us to the principal’s office, who promptly gave us a good talking-to and made us write a letter saying that we will never use YouTube again, and sent us back to class. 
Fast-forward a few years. All of us are practically addicted to YouTube. That includes the said principal, teacher and parents. 

In my 12th grade, we were taught difficult concepts in chemistry using YouTube videos. My dad got addicted to listening to talks and 80s music on it. So much so that he loves the new offline feature because he can now play it in his car as well. 

My mum loves watching DIY videos on it. 
And me? Well, I started using YouTube for listening to music videos and then discovered vlogs and adorable dog videos. 

My favourite vloggers are superwoman and JacksGap. I do watch the occasional MentalFloss videos too. Apart from that, I watch book haul and book review videos, travel stories and a lot of comedy or commentaries about life in India. (AIB, East India Company, Being Indian, Enna Da Rascalas, Put Chutney are some of my favourites.)

That probably describes my likes in a nutshell. 😛
What about you all? What are your favourite YouTube channels/YouTubers?
P. S. This was written for the Week 3 of Teens Tell Their Story project conducted by Sherina and Caitlin

They have totally awesomesauce blogs! It will be great if you could check it out. 🙂

How I study for exams. 

Since it is the mid terms now, I was randomly going through the old posts on my blog. I came across one on procrastination. I realised that I’m still the same. 

I had two major exams today and this is what I did yesterday/today. 

I’ve another major exam in Marketing tomorrow, and I think this is what I’ll do today as well. Somehow I can’t help it. 
1. Read a paragraph from my textbook. 

2. Blog. 

3. Comment on other blogs. 

4. Visit Facebook, Instagram and every social networking site possible. 

5. Read something from my class notes. 

6. Read the novel which I got bored off and put aside. Haven’t read a nicer book. Loved it. 

7. Eat something. 

8. Watch some TV series. 

9. Study one line. 

10. Sleep. 

11. Message people asking whether they have studied. 

12. Spend time brushing my hair and trying out different hairstyles. 

13. Study one paragraph again. 

14. Reply to the messages sent out. 

15. Apply nail polish to all nails and groom them. 

16. Eat. 

17. Sleep. 

18. It’s the exam morning. 

19. Cram 10 chapters in one hour. 

20. Write the exam. 

On complicated people.

People. I just cannot understand them. It’s not that I’m an alien, but human beings are so complex.
I love people watching, though. Sitting in a warm, cozy cafe, nursing a cup of hot chocolate and just watching people go by.
Some of them might be in a hurry, others taking their own time.
I love imagining their lives and wondering what their stories might be.
However if there was something that I don’t get is this. The way how certain people are so complicated. Everything is a struggle with them, from liking them to getting along with them.
This topic came about when I was randomly talking with a friend.
In my world, if I like some people, I talk to them or be friendly towards them. If I don’t like them, I’ll just not talk to them. But if they do need any help from me, and I am in a position to help them, I will.
But, a lot of people in my class here, pretend to be friends or pretend to be nice towards you, just because they want something from you. After they do get whatever it is done, they just ignore you. And when you turn towards them for help, not so they just refuse, they pretend that you don’t exist.
I’ve had people here who stop talking to certain people just because they feel that talking to them is below their level. Or what will others think if they see them talking to ‘those’ people? Oh! The tragedy!

Honestly, through all my eighteen years of life, I’ve not been able to unravel and decipher the mystery of people. Hopefully, I might manage to do that later in life, when I’m older and wiser.
Till then,

P. S. If anyone of you have it figured out, do let me know in the comments box below!

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