Since it is the mid terms now, I was randomly going through the old posts on my blog. I came across one on procrastination. I realised that I’m still the same. 

I had two major exams today and this is what I did yesterday/today. 

I’ve another major exam in Marketing tomorrow, and I think this is what I’ll do today as well. Somehow I can’t help it. 
1. Read a paragraph from my textbook. 

2. Blog. 

3. Comment on other blogs. 

4. Visit Facebook, Instagram and every social networking site possible. 

5. Read something from my class notes. 

6. Read the novel which I got bored off and put aside. Haven’t read a nicer book. Loved it. 

7. Eat something. 

8. Watch some TV series. 

9. Study one line. 

10. Sleep. 

11. Message people asking whether they have studied. 

12. Spend time brushing my hair and trying out different hairstyles. 

13. Study one paragraph again. 

14. Reply to the messages sent out. 

15. Apply nail polish to all nails and groom them. 

16. Eat. 

17. Sleep. 

18. It’s the exam morning. 

19. Cram 10 chapters in one hour. 

20. Write the exam.