I went on another unintentional week-long blog hiatus. Life is a totally jealous bitch. It is jealous of the time that you are content, and pushes problems down over to your path.

I was finally content with the place where I was in. All through my first year of college, I had way too many adjustment issues and adaptation issues, having landed in a totally new country for college even if the said country was your own one.
After the start of this second year, I was slowly starting to feel at peace. I still did miss my life back in the place I called home.
All right, it is not like I love it, but was getting to be happy with what went along.
However, certain people have disturbed the peace for me. I just hope I don’t relapse into my dark days of depression again. I thought I was over it.
I have never come across a situation where someone steals my team’s work after all the effort we put in and claims it as her own and takes credit for everything, and not even a mention of our names in the final project. Not even mentioning the fact that she tagged along when we were doing it. That she got the idea from one of my teammates. okay, she might have done some follow-up work, but he initial idea, approach and everything was ours.
That too from a new transfer student whom I thought was my friend. The new girl whom everyone but I ignored. Now, she is ignoring me. I didn’t except gratefulness, but I didn’t expect betrayal.
I don’t know what to do. I have stopped expecting people to be good. Now, it is like, everyone here is bad.
I had been so angry yesterday, I was nearly in tears. And I am supposed to be this person who never cries. (That technically is not true. I never cry in public. I only cry myself to sleep, or perhaps in private.)
I feel hurt. The people whom I thought were my friends have turned against me so badly. Not just the new student, two other people as well.
I was hurt and angry yesterday. But, the anger has been replaced by this icyness that I have no idea where it appeared. Some day will come. (I do watch House of Cards.)
P.S. I apologise for the spelling and/or grammatical errors in this post. There is bound to be many. I did not write this post with a rationally calm mind.